1) Biblical humor in the comic strips.  A friend sent me these.  I hope I am not braking too many copyright laws by posting them.  🙂   Also hope the guy with the lightning bolts has a sense of humor.

2.a) The first picture is from a slide show on the Christian Science Monitor.  Who could not love a parade with fire-breathing dragons.  The parade, by South Korean Buddhists, during the Lotus Lantern Festival in Seoul, was to celebrate the upcoming birthday of Buddha.  I had not know I shared his birthday.  While my stomach is starting to resemble the Buddha figurine on my table, no monks have come knocking on my door, proclaiming I am a reincarnated dodhisattva Avalokitesvara – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dalai_Lama


b.  The next picture is also from a festival parade, the Sciacca Carnival parade in the Sicilian town of Sciacca.  The float is of Casanova, with a lady friend.  The Sicilians are celebrating a different kind of fireworks than the Buddhists.


3) The following music video is from a song on a new album by LCD Sound System.  Don’t be put off by the song’s title, “Drink Girls”.  LCD Sound Systems uses a lot of tongue-in-cheek titles.  My guy genes were drawn to this craziness, which channels the Three Stooges, but as you see in the end no one actually got hurt, I don’t think.  🙂