Some weird looking animals:

What is the weirdest looking animal you have see?

Weird science fact – Why men have nipples.

Men have nipples because the fetus develops along a female development pathway for the six weeks of life.  Nipples are set out before other sexual differentiation begins.  Courtesy of  Dr. Michael Stebbins in his book “Sex, Drugs & DNA”.

What is the weirdest fact you can think of?

Weired theological questions.

A fertilized embryo won’t develop into a child unless it implants itself into the wall of a women’s uterus.  Anywhere from 60-80 %, depending on which source you believe, of all fertilized embryos never do.  They are washed away, and die, during a women’s menstruation.

For my Christian friends what do you think is the Christian doctrine for the following questions.

Since conception has occurred do all of these do embryos have souls?

They haven’t even developed a brain so that can’t do, or even think about doing, anything good or bad.  Do they all go to heaven when they die?

If they do go to heaven what do they look like? The child they would have become?

If you didn’t already know how weird I was you do now.