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1) Pictures – Weather

This is not the weather report for where I live – Mon 76 Clear – Tues 71 Clear – Weds 70 Clear , by Friday the temps drop all the way to 65 – .  I wonder what a snow shovel franchise for Los Angeles sells for?

In other parts of the world:

a. Maria Medina waits for a bus during a snowstorm in Albany, N.Y


b. A Muslim imam, a Christian priest and two Jewish rabbis join a prayer calling for rain on Thursday in the West Bank village of Walajeh, near Bethlehem. Rainfall in Israel and the Palestinian territories has been lower than average in five of the past six years, resulting in an acute crisis in the region’s water supply system.
The weather really doesn’t care what your faith is.

c. A beach walker heads west towards the sunset in Orange Beach, Ala.

2)This story just blows my mind away, and feeds into the next one 3).

Jon Jacobs sold the below home for $335,000.  That doesn’t sound unusual except the land is completely fictional.  It only exist online, on the Entropia Universe.

“Entropia Universe is an MMO (massively multiplayer online game) that has an actual working economy based on real money. The game uses its own currency, but pegs it to the dollar. Players must buy into the game using dollars, and then all their purchases and sales are made with the game currency which has a real value.

Jacobs isn’t the first to make a small fortune on virtual real estate sales, and he hasn’t made the most. In another MMO, Second Life, Ailin Graef has become a real millionaire thanks to her virtual-world business dealings. Graef, known online as Anshe Chung, buys and develops virtual real estate just as developers and investors do in the real world. She reportedly takes home $150,000 every year for this work.”

3) The Invisible People TV blog gives a voice to the homeless,  This is one man’s story:

Johnny is a Vietnam Veteran living homeless in Nashville. During the interview, Johnny, who is in a wheelchair, starts telling me how the small RV he was living in was impounded. They even came to tow it when he was still inside.

The money was raised.  There is always hope as long as there are people who care.  Social media can do more that keep us up with the latest gossip.


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