“The politician who claims he will do all he can for American workers is not including becoming one himself.”
Shoe comic strip.

1) In the war for religious freedom – Pastafarians Unite! 🙂

From NPR – http://tinyurl.com/67cylqw

“In Austria one of the strangest fights for religious freedom has come to an end: Niko Alm, a self-described “Pastafarian,” fought for three years for the right to wear a pasta strainer on his head in his driver’s license photo.

His argument? Alm claimed he belonged to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and wearing the strainer was part of his religion.

Niko Alm’s driver license (It is hard to see his “religious headgear”)

2) I have read about some pretty crazy alt med practices, but this may be the most insane.

A woman sits on railway tracks in Rawa Buaya, in Indonesia’s West Java province. The town’s residents believe that the electrical energy from the tracks will cure them of various illnesses.
Photo: Enny Nuraheni/Reuters

3) The humidity is slowing my pace to a crawl. Now I know how Tim Conway’s little old man feels.

The World’s Oldest Fireman (from the Carol Burnett Show)

4) World In Pictures

a. Art in Earth images from space, by NASA.

Grímsvötn volcano left behind a small lake filled with meltwater & a hole in Vatnajökull glacier. The lake covers much of the site of the eruption, with the possible exception of the crescent-shaped feature along the southern shore of the lake. This may be a tephra cone left behind by the eruption.

b. The two faces of Africa

The face of war – the refugee.

“Motril, Spain: A migrant wrapped in a blanket rests on a rescue ship after the fishing boat that he and 66 others were on was intercepted.” Potograph: Jon Nazca/Reuters

The hopeful future

So much of what we read of Africa involves civil and tribal warfare. This beautiful smiling face, a girl from Opuwo, Namiba, is I hope more representive of what Africa will become. Namibia has a stable multi-party parliamentary democracy. There is too much poverty, 50% by some estimates, but at least here hope may be replacing war.

On this hot summer day here is some cool music:

Selaelo Selota – A Poem For Celia