Today I’m posting some personal pictures. Found an old family album an aunt had given me. I have added them to my Personal Photo page above.

Proving that I actually did smile as a child, not sure what age I was.

My father, Ed Jr, with his brother, my uncle Jim, on the front steps of my grandfather’s house. Picture was taken in 1940,

My grandfather, Ed Sr, with his youngest son, my uncle George, also taken in 1940.

My favorite person in the world, my grandma Nell, she died when I was 9. That’s the last time I cried.

My with my step-mother Tony, next to me, and my aunt Aggie behind us, in the back yard of our house. My guess is picture was taken sometime in the early 1960′s.

Everyone in my family in the above picture is now gone. This is a picture of my sister Lynn’s family, with her 4th, and last husband, Rocky, and her five daughters, clockwise, Stacey, Debbie, a young man, don’t know his name, from a troubled family my sister took in, Wendy, Heidi and on my sister’s lap Vicky. Lynn passed away. All her daughters are married with children of their own, and Debbie is now a grandmother.