The plows have have created a 15(?) foot snow fort around my condo building. I will be Spring before this all melts away and when it does our parking lot will go from being a skating rink to a pond.

Before I post about some more winter woes here are some pictures of one place that doesn’t need snow plows. I am really beginning to hate LA. 🙂

1) LA Times slide show of readers photos of California Sunrises and Sunsets –

Sunset over Los Angeles (by James Lcwik)

Runyon Canyon after rainstorm. (by Sukee Chew)

This photo was taken off the cliffs of Palos Verdes Peninsula. (by Noelle Sandra)

2) The falling roofs of Connecticut

This winter has been record breaking in many ways, now every time I turn to the local news I read about another roof falling down.

From an article in the Hartford Courant, which is only reporting what happened today, January 4th –

Heavy snow was blamed for the collapse of a historic building on Main Street in Middletown earlier this week. Now, with more than a dozen buildings in the city declared unsafe, the city is working to clear roofs and shore up buildings.

Plainville – A Quonset hut at 19 Neal Court that collapsed Friday morning, police said. Firefighters and police searched the remains of the structure after hearing reports that a person was inside, but did not find anyone inside, a dispatcher said.

Stafford – The roof of a 3-story brick, commercial/residential building 42 Main Street partially collapsed around 12 p.m. Friday. Fire Marshal Tom Finch said that tenants lived on the first floor, but were not home at the time of the collapse; no one was injured. The second and third floors were vacant.

East Windsor – Emergency officials are on the scene of a partial roof collapse at 8 Craftsman Rd. The collapse happened around 3:30 Friday morning in the rear warehouse portion of the building.

Bloomfield – Food Share, at 450 Woodland Ave, was evacuated this morning, due to structural concerns, Michael Kosilla of the building department, said.

Middletown – A day care center at 800 East Street has been evacuated. Also firefighters are on the scene of a possible roof collapse at the Madison at Northwoods apartments at 70 Robin Court in Middletown, fire dispatch said.

West Hartford – A shopping plaza at Bishop’s Corner on Albany Avenue was evacuated while crews removed snow from the roof, a fire official said.

I’ll stop here, the article list many more reports from other cities.

It will be a challenge for the already pinched budgets of state, cities and people to get the money to pay for all this damage, but at least it isn’t one the scale of the devastation that is hitting Queensland, Australia.

How are things going in your part of the world?