1) As you can see from the pictures below we have had some snow here in Connecticut, 3 1/2 feet so far in January, snowiest month on record.

My car’s snow story




After, after

What is the most snow you have ever had to deal with?

2) Two music vidoes I came across yesterday that I really enjoyed.  I though they were both very creative, in different ways.

Which of the following do you look for the most in music you enjoy – lyrics that tell a story?  a voice that you love listening to? Music that moves your soul?

Boyce Avenue and DeStrom cover of B.o.B song – Airplanes

Mummers – Place For Us

3) Water Words by Robert Creely

The words are beautiful music
The words bounce like in water

Water music,
loud in the clearing

off the boats.
birds, leaves.

They look for a place to eat
to sit and eat-

no meaning
no point.