1) Bringing in the New Year

The face of 2011 – thoughtful, hopeful:

Fireworks explode over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House during a pyrotechnic show to celebrate the New Year January 1, 2011 (Guardian):
A group of revelers watch fireworks illuminating the scene, from their high vantage point over the city of Davos, Switzerland, at the beginning of the New Year, early on Saturday, Jan. 1, 2011:

Fireworks illuminate the Quadriga sculpture atop the Brandenburg Gate during a New Year’s Eve party in Berlin, January 1, 2011:

2) Looking back at 2010, looking forward to 2011

The last year was a very good for me.  I had a lot of laughs and great times with friends and neighbors, both online and in person.  This blog gave me a chance at being creative.  Most importantly good health. 

The worse thing that happen was a few bad weeks in December when some ghost from the past put me in a melancholy mood, instead of the Christmas spirit.  If that is the worst thing that happens in 2011 I will consider myself lucky.

There were way to many best times to list. Every week, almost every day, I shared love and laughter with friends, including new ones.  Any year when I make as many new friends as I did in 2010 is a great year. 

The world of science brought amazing new discoveries.  I read about the growing number of volunteers, especially young people.  This continues to fuel my faith in the future.

All of the evils of war, poverty, and slavery, are still will us.  I have no expectation they will go away in my lifetime.  I do see progress in attacking these evils.  Where we have progress we can have hope. 

In looking at my financial budget, and the scale which is telling me I have added more lbs than I should have, discipline will be my watch word for the 2011.

I will have to forgo any shiny new toys, like the iPad I would kill for, and cut back on the pies and cakes that have caused me to add another notch to my belt. 

It is impossible to know what tomorrow will bring, except change.  It is impossible to know what will change.  Change is needed.  The world I was born into in 1943 has changed, as it needed to.  The experiences in my lifetime give me the confidence to believe that the world will continue to change for the better.

I am looking forward with anticaption to 2011, are you?  What are you looking forward to?