We got a little lucky here in Seymour, only 8″ of snow, not the 2+ feet some places received. Also while we got slammed by 50 mph winds, we did not lose power, as happened to thousands in CT.

The winds did create deep drifts in some places with only a few inchs on the ground in others. I had maybe an inch on one side of my car, and a three foot drift on the other. I was able to dig my car out without too much trouble, but my old bones will need some Ibuprofen to make it through the night. 🙂

1) I don’t own a camera but here are some local pictures:

The winds were strong enough to knock down a sign at a car dealers

Also at a gas station

Kids loved all the snow

Parents not so much

2) New York City also got hit hard where wind gust of over 65 mph were recorded.

From a slide show on the New York Times “Winter Snow Storm NYC” – http://tinyurl.com/24j3pq8

Several subway trains were marooned overnight after losing power, stranding hundreds of passengers in frigid carriages for nearly seven hours

Buses were stuck in the snow just north of 105 Street in Manhattan

Some New Yorkers are lucky enough to be able to rely on wings, not feet, to get around

How is winter treating you so far where you live?