1) Winter Sunrise, Snowy Nun and Pilgram in Bethlehem

Sunrise over Slemish mountain in the Braid valley, Co Antrim, Ireland, during the total lunar eclipse (Guardian)
Dinklage, Germany – Sister  Monica of the Benedictine abbey of the castle of Dinklage walks through the snow (LA Times)

Russian pilgrim lights candles at the Church of the Natvity, Bethlehem (LA Times)

2) Christmas Tree


Osborne House Christmas Tree illus. in Godey’s Lady’s Book” December 1850

Decorating a tree is a ritual that helps keep the traditions of the Christmas season alive.  It helps us relive memories of exchanging gifts that symbolize the love and friendship between families and friends.

Trees are symbolic of faith.  The roots provide a strong anchor when our lives are in turmoil.  It’s branches provide shelter and protection from the storms that are a part of living.  Their endurance and perseverance are the examples we need to get back up off the ground when life has knocked us down.

I don’t have many happy memories from past Christmas, an unhappy childhood, my mother, father and sister all died during this season, but looking at a lite up Christmas tree still puts a smile on my face, and helps fill me with the spirit of love of life that Christmas represents.

I hope the spirit of your faith fills you with the joy that Christmas symbolizes.

3) Christmas Music

Greek Orthodox Christian Byzantine

Louisiana Christmas – Aaron Neville