1) Monday Pictures from the Net:

a. A man walks through the snow-covered landscape in the Olympic park in Munich, southern Germany, after snowfall on Dec. 13. (CSM)


b. Guatemala City, Guatemala: A girl sits while having her photo taken with images of the Virgin of Guadeloupe at a photo stand next to the virgin’s Basilica. (Guardian)


c. The old wooden Yosemite Chapel looks like something from Currier & Ives after an overnight snowstorm. (LA Times)


Even though I am an Atheist I always attend a Christmas service at a church, Easter as well.  I will be going to a Christmas service at a nearby Catholic Church.  The service is beautiful, the music is beautiful, most of all the atmosphere full of love is beautiful.

If you will be going to a church on Christmas what will the service be like?

2) I really like the artistry, and creativity, in this music video – Thought of You

3) Solar System Bedsheets by Sarah Vap

There, behind sunlight,

is the long pressure
of a child’s love. Becoming mute

with the child’s love. Long influence of stars touched
by the hand wrapped, asleep,

in the newly laundered sheets. Touched

to widths of butterscotch
stretched. Split-apart as the voices, rain thickening,

against one another forever, if glass. Forever
if resting against one another. Forever

if holding the end of a year like this: the nights

lengthening. I check:    each child

is alive in his sleep. You are also asleep, love,