1). World in pictures Tuesday 12/4

a. If your looking for some excitement on you daily commute try hanging onto the side of the bus as these commuters in Mumbai, India.

What is the most interesting bus ride you have been on?

b. This image shows an eclectic montage of landscapes in Iran’s largest desert, the Dasht-e Kavir, or Great Salt Desert. The word kavir is Persian for salt marsh. The almost uninhabited region covers an area of more than 29,730 square miles and is a mix of dry streambeds, desert plateaus, mudflats, and salt marshes. Extreme heat, dramatic daily temperature swings, and violent storms are the norm in this inhospitable place.


c.  Limbe, Haiti: The body of a woman who died from cholera lies on the ground next to a man receiving treatment at a local hospital.


d. Jerusalem: An ultra orthodox Jew prays at the Western Wall

2) The national parks are becoming increasing more dangerous places.  Not because of wild animals, it’s because of humans, who in a 2009 act of Congress were given the right to carry guns in many National Parks.  The most dangers animal on the plant is human with a gun.


The body of one of the fifteen National Park rangers, killed while on duty, is buried.

A New York Times article about the increasing danger in our National Parks of people with guns.


I agree that under the US Constitution people have the right to own guns.  I have no problem with hunters who are tracking game for the dinner table.  I also agree that a person should be able to keep a gun in the house for protection.  My cousin is a single women living alone.  The gun she keeps in her night stand makes her feel safe.

I have gone hunting with my grandfather in Maine.  I never actually hit anything.  If you want tree bark for dinner I am your man.  🙂

I used a rifle in Viet Nam a few times.  Never hit anything there either, a fact I am now grateful for.  I have had nothing to do with guns since, and would not go hunting if given the chance.  I would use a gun to protect myself, or my family, if I had one, but I have no plans to buy one.

While I agree that people have the legal right to own a gun, there are public places, such as bars and colleges (where the gun lobby wants to allow guns) where mixing alcohol, testosterone and guns is a very, very, bad idea.  I also believe it is insane to allow anyone to own an automatic weapon.

There are many factors that go into the crime of murder.  There are plenty of crime statistics used by both sides of the gun ownership debate to prove they are right.  All I can say is that when I see people with guns walking the streets I do not feel safe. 

In my perfect world all the guns would turn into whip cream pies, all non-perscrition drugs turn into seltzer water.  🙂 

Do you think guns should be allowed on college campuses?  In bars? National Parks?

Do you think people should be allowed to own automatic weapons?