1) Pictures

a. Now these are some very snazzy band outfits.  Lady Gaga eat your heart out:


Amritsar, India: Members of a wedding band rest as they wait for a wedding party to arrive

Questions – If you were married what kind of band, and music, did you have at your wedding?  If you had unlimited funds what band, and music, would you pick for your wedding?

I can’t answer these questions because I have never been married and can’t even imagine myself ever doing so.  🙂

b. From the Guardians “Touch” photo contest, by Feldore McHugh:


“My father, who has Alzheimer’s disease, holding a buttercup. He can no longer ­communicate, but he held this flower so ­delicately, and looked so intently at it, I could sense that he had been touched by its beauty”

c. A Gypsy student attends a lecture at a makeshift school in Sulaymaniyah, northeast of Baghdad, Iraq.


d. A boy plays in the water at the Punta Veleros beach in the northern city of Piura, Peru.


2) As I have written I didn’t have a happy childhood.  The only happy place for me was being lost in the adventures of Tom Swift, Jr. and Tarzan.  I have never tried to write a novel, I lack the discipline.  A new literary site, designed for teens who do enjoy writing, is scheduled to open online today, Monday, December 5th, Figment.com. 

From a New York Times article:


“Figment,com will be unveiled on Monday as an experiment in online literature, a free platform for young people to read and write fiction, both on their computers and on their cellphones. Users are invited to write novels, short stories and poems, collaborate with other writers and give and receive feedback on the work posted on the site.

The idea for Figment emerged from a very 21st-century invention, the cellphone novel, which arrived in the United States around 2008. That December, Ms. Goodyear wrote a 6,000-word article for The New Yorker about young Japanese women who had been busy composing fiction on their mobile phones. In the article she declared it “the first literary genre to emerge from the cellular age.”

Figment is an attempt to import that idea to the United States and expand on it. Mr. Lewis, who was out of a job after Portfolio, the Conde Nast magazine, was shuttered last year, teamed up with Ms. Goodyear, and the two worked with schools, libraries and literary organizations across the country to recruit several hundred teenagers who were willing to participate in a prototype, which went online in a test version in June.”


Question – If you have/had the talent to write a book what would it be about?