1) Need a morning wake-up call to clear the cob webs off – tape this face to your clock alarm:


A Siberian tiger growls at the St-Felicien wildlife zoo in St-Felicien, Quebec. According to National Geographic, the wild population of Siberian tigers, also called Amur tiger, is estimated between 400 and 500 and is classified as an endangered species

It would be great to face a winter morning in this beautiful village in Switzerland


The roofs in the old town of Bern, Switzerland, are covered by snow after heavy snowfalls hit large parts of central Europe.

A stroll with your honey is another way to keep warm in winter.


Vienna, Austria: A couple stroll in Heldenplatz during the city’s first snowfall of the season

2) Faith Question – What are the tools of your faith?

The tools of my faith are those created by the most amazing product of evolution our world has ever seen – the human brain.


Okay sometimes even evolution wonders off track. 🙂

That we humans have not only survived, but thrived, while bigger, stronger, faster animals have become extinct, proves the amazing creativity, and unlimited potential, of our brain.

There have been other evolution successes with human like brains, such as the Neanderthals.  We can find evidence of their existence going back at least 200,000 years, http://tinyurl.com/33w8xu7

When we compare the tools created by the Neanderthal brain to those of modern man we clearly see how much more evolved ours are.  We can put telescopes in space that can recorded objects 13 billion light years away, http://tinyurl.com/2whnzq3 . 

We can see inside atoms, and the protons and neutrons contained therein.  We have “captured” a particle of antimatter. http://tinyurl.com/35hwddw

Everyday we are using the process of science to unlock the “secrets” of our universe.  Our base of knowledge is increasing exponentially.  This proves to me the unlimited potential of the human brain for understanding the world we live in, and to evolve better ways to live in it.

One major difference between the source of my faith and religious faith is that evolution does not carry with the guarantee of eternal life.  Religious faith offers “The Answer” God.  Science based faith is more about finding the right questions to ask, so we can find the best answer.  To science the wheel is still in spin guarding the fate of the family of man, homo sapien.

Religious and nonreligious people experience the same range of emotions.  I see religion as using more of the emotional side our brain, science more of the rational side. 

In my conversations with my Christian friends the most commonly used word might be “love”.  In my talks with my Atheist friends the most commonly used word might be “why”.

The most important journey we take in life is to find a faith that will help us endure the many trials that are an inevitable part of living. 

Whatever the source of your faith I hope it brings you passion for life that mine does.