1) Picture post from the Guardian – Thursday http://tinyurl.com/2urphxe


Al-Baraka, Yemen: Yemeni women go swimming wearing the traditional head-to-toe Islamic covering .


Blackburn, UK: Soldiers of The 1st Battalion Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment leave Blackburn Cathedral


Cape Town, South Africa: Table Mountain illuminated

2) Fashion

Know a lady who might like shoes for Christmas?  How about these chopines designed by China’s Guo Pei Rose Studio.


Or maybe one of these dresses(?). 


Chinese Communism has come a long way from Mao’s little red book.

From an article in the New York Times – http://tinyurl.com/22ne9q7

“Nothing prepares you for the many-hued jolt any more than the desert prepares you for Las Vegas.

On the second floor are three private rooms where luminaries of CCTV, the state-run television station; businesswomen; and the wives and daughters of Communist Party leaders come for fittings. According to Jack, many of the Politburo wives are customers, though few Chinese people would know since the wives do not play much of a public role. So there is no P.R. value as there would be for dressing Michelle Obama, but there are certainly guanxi, or connections, which anyone with a problem appreciates. On the third and fourth floors 140 people cut, sew and finish clothes, with a separate workroom for shoes and jewelry.”

3) People making a difference

Who do you know, or know of, that made a difference in the world in 2010.

From an article on AOL Good News Now – http://tinyurl.com/2csznlb


Twenty-five years ago, Donna Beegle was counting her pennies, trying to figure out a way to pay her electricity bill, feed her kids and keep her family off the street.

The future lacked any kind of promise or certainty. The only thing Beegle was sure of was that she was homeless and living in poverty and somehow, some way, it was all her fault.
Fast-forward to 2010, and Beegle is now a well-spoken professional with a Ph.D. — living, breathing proof that, with perseverance, it is possible to rise from the ashes.
Beegle is a public speaker who runs two organizations centered around bringing more understanding, awareness and education to the topic of poverty in America.
By day she’s the co-founder of Communications Across Barriers, an Oregon-based consulting firm that helps bridge the gap between professionals and those living in poverty. Beegle consults with folks who deal with people in poverty on a regular basis, such as workers in the justice, health, social service, welfare and education fields, and teaches them how to be more receptive to the real needs of the poor.
By night, she runs Poverty Bridge, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering people in poverty through “Opportunity Conferences,” where Beegle speaks to crowds and encourages people to see past their plight.
“Poverty Bridge is like a network for people in poverty. They can share their experiences and talk to others going through similar things. My goal is to help people understand that they are not the cause of poverty; it’s much more structural than that,” Beegle told AOL News.
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