1) Art From Space – Pictures of Earth. 

From a Christian Science Monitor slide show (Sorry link won’t work):


This image shows the northern part of central New York State, a landscape sculpted by the ice sheets of the last ice age. Lake Ontario runs across the top of the image. The city of Syracuse is the radar-bright area next to the dark Onandaga Lake, below and to the right of the image center. The larger dark area on the right side is Oneida Lake. Several of the Finger Lakes are visible as long narrow dark patches on the left side of the image.

Seoul, South Korea is featured in this digital image photographed by an Expedition 10 crewmember on the International Space Station (ISS). This photograph illustrates the Seoul (originally known as Hanyang) urban area at night. Major roadways and river courses (such as the Han River) are clearly outlined by street lights, while the brightest lights indicate the downtown urban core (center of image) and large industrial complexes. Very dark regions in the image are mountains or large bodies of water.

2) People Making A Difference

Through project Roca (Spanish for ‘rock’) Mary Baldwin reaches out to teenagers in Massachusetts to keep them off the streets and out of jail.

From an article in the Christian Science Monitor by Marilyn Jones:


“Baldwin – or simply “Molly,” as everyone knows her – became interested as a teenager in community work and especially in prisons. “I found that our penal system is ineffective, expensive – and dangerous,” she says. “I thought, there’s got to be a better way.”

So almost 23 years ago, when the state of Massachusetts gave her a $134,000 grant to start a program to prevent teen pregnancies, she dived in.

Today Baldwin, and “some fabulous teachers and coaches,” have parlayed that first grant into an $8 million project called Roca (Spanish for “rock”). Last year, Roca served more than 700 youths through an educational and training intervention program, as well as another 150 young people through less intensive services.”

“Thom Ke, who showed up 17 years ago as a teenage gang member, still is amazed at Baldwin’s willingness to go the extra mile. Now a father and owner of two family businesses – and a volunteer community organizer himself – Mr. Ke calls Baldwin “an absolute inspiration.

“She changes lives, one kid at a time. She’s my hero,” he says.

“She’s the real deal.”

3) A song by Amos Lee, from his new Album “Mission Bell”, performed at Farm Aid :

Windows Are Rolled Down