1) Picture post frm the Guardian – UK in winter:

a. Rachel Douglass and Sophie Coatsworth sledge downhill at the Town Moor in Newcastle


When was the last time you rode a sled down a hill, or took part in any winter sport?

I can’t remember the last time I rode a sled, but then I can’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday.  Probably not since I was 12, a long time ago, in my case a very long time ago.  I also never took part in winter sports, since they take place when it is cold outside.  🙂

b. A passenger train makes its way past Greenloaning. Much of Scotland experienced freezing temperatures and heavy snow overnight causing major problems to transport links across the country.


A train ride along the picturesque snowy landscape is a great why to travel in winter.

c. Stablehand Chrissie Busby moves horses at Riverside Liveries near Denny, central Scotland after a night of heavy snowfall.


Riding a horse through fresh fallen snow looks like another great way to see the country.  I never have, because it’s another thing that takes place when it’s cold.  🙂

d. Unfortunately this is how I did most of my winter traveling:


The A1 in Newcastle, which was closed between Berwick and Edinburgh as heavy snowfall continues to cause travel chaos.