1) Art in science photography

Big cities influence the environment around them. For example, urban areas are typically warmer than their surroundings. Cities are strikingly visible in computer models that simulate the Earth’s land surface. This visualization shows latent heat flux predicted by the Land Information System (LIS) for a day in June 2001. Latent heat flux is lower in the cities because there is less evaporation there. Only part of the global computation is shown, focusing on the highly urbanized northeast corridor in the United States, including the cities of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington.


Under Europa’s icy surface are vast extraterrestrial oceans. This conceptual animation depicts simulated heat transport of these subsurface oceans.

2) On November 9, 1934 one of the most inspirational men of science was born.  For much of my life Carl Sagan was the voice of science, the voice of reason:

The perfect answer as to why men of science pursue their dreams:

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”  Carl Sagan

What person alive in your lifetime would you pick to be the voice of your faith?