1) Weekend in pictures

a) Pakistan: Haji Karim, a 60-year-old flood victim, prepares molasses at a makeshift factory damaged by floods near Nowshera, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province

b) Amritsar, India: Sikh devotees pay their respects at the illuminated Golden Temple in Amritsar to celebrate Diwali

c) Kathmandu, Nepal: A German Shepherd from Nepal’s central police dog training school during a dog worship day at the Tihar Festival

If the dog above was a cat he would of course be expecting to be worshiped everyday.  🙂

Which do you think makes the better companion, a dog or a cat. 

2) Our age does not define us, we decide that in how we live our lives.  Here are two people, long in years, but young at heart.

a) Jon Mendes took part in his 12th New York City marathon on Sunday.  In 2005,  his last appearance,  he was the oldest finisher at age 85.  At 90 his race day preparations now include petroleum jelly to keep his feet and thighs from chafing, adhesive bandages to prevent his nipples from bleeding and a finish-line beverage that is not strictly considered a sports drink.

“It’s called Black Label,” Mendes said with a mischievous smile, one man’s Gatorade being another man’s Scotch.

The final miles of the 26.2-mile race will pass in Central Park just beyond the windows of his Fifth Avenue penthouse, which suggests a life heartily lived — Dartmouth College, Harvard Business School, Marine bomber pilot in World War II and the Korean War who flew with John Glenn and Ted Williams, investment banker, inveterate skier and marathon runner.

Link to a  New York Times article about Jon, by Jere Longman :


b) Alice Herz-Sommer will be celebrating her 106th birthday on November 26th.  She will undoubtedly begin the day, as she always does, playing the piano.  Alice did have to give up her daily swim when she was 97.  As she says music is her life, and its the reason she survived the Nazi death camp, Theresienstadt, during World War II.

(Updated with new video – old one was pulled from YouTube)

One thing Jon Mendes and Alice Herz-Sommer share is optimism, and a great love of life, which are the keys to living the best life you can at any age.

When you get up in the morning are you more often optimistic, or pessimistic about the coming day?