1) Picture post

Passion released:

San Francisco, USA: A cable car carrying members of the San Francisco Giants gets covered with confetti during the Giants’ victory parade

Passion suppressed:

Punjab, Pakistan: Women displaced by floods sit on a bench outside a hospital in Basira village

The head to toe burqa is a symbol of the subjugation of women as second class citizens in many fundamentalist muslim communities.  It is also a traditional style required by how these religiously conservative communities interpret the Qur’an.

Some European countries have banned wearing a burqa in public.  Do you agree, or should these communities have the right, under the principle of religious freedom, to wear a burqa as they believe is required by their faith?

2) Ballet – poetry in motion.

The graceful beauty of Michele Wiles, the Principal Dancer of the American Ballet Theater:

Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” Ballet

Who is/was your favorite dancer, from any style of dancing.

3) Poetry

Enough by Jeffrey Harrison

It’s a gift, this cloudless November morning
warm enough for you to walk without a jacket
along your favorite path. The rhythmic shushing
of your feet through fallen leaves should be
enough to quiet the mind, so it surprises you
when you catch yourself telling off your boss
for a decade of accumulated injustices,
all the things you’ve never said circling inside you.

It’s the rising wind that pulls you out of it,
and you look up to see a cloud of leaves
swirling in sunlight, flickering against the blue
and rising above the treetops, as if the whole day
were sighing, Let it go, let it go,
for this moment at least, let it all go.