Sometime Friday night, or over the weekend, I will do a Bible Study post about Psalms 133 – The Blessing of Brotherly Unity

1) Friday picture post

a. A man and a buffalo with some very colorful decorations celebrating culture and a good harvest.

A folk artist from Orissa state dressed as a tiger poses at the ‘Akhyan cultural fair ‘ at the Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts in New Delhi, India.


A buffalo is decorated for a parade during Chonburi’s annual buffalo races festival, 47 miles southeast of Bangkok. The event, which also celebrates the rice harvest, originates back to the buffalo trade in Chonburi, once the trade centre of Thailand’s east.

b. Another man decorated by the burden of his labor that creates wealth he will never get to celebrate.  


Nancheng, China: A labourer shoulders his load at a rare earth metals mine

2) This week’s theme has been mostly about creativity and imagination of children.  Here is a young boy whose efforts to help children in need should inspire us all.

“In the wake of a hurricane that devastated parts of Florida, Zach Bonner helped organize a relief effort to provide fresh drinking water and other necessities to families in the affected area. Afterward, he founded The Little Red Wagon Foundation to provide backpacks full of food, school supplies, and other items to children in underprivileged communities across the country.”

From Wikipedia –

“Bonner has done a variety of volunteer work since he was six years old. In 2004, when Hurricane Charley hit neighborhoods, he collected 27 pickup trucks of water in his little red wagon He established the Little Red Wagon Foundation to “continue helping kids more efficiently”. Bonner teamed up with the Stand Up For Kids and collected 400 backpacks of supplies, nicknamed “Zachpacks”, for homeless children. The Zachpacks were filled with donated snacks, toys and toiletries.

Bonner organized Christmas parties for homeless children living in Baker, Louisana and he gave Christmas presents to Hurrican Katrina victims.

In April 2007, he organized 24 Hours, an event that simulated being homeless for 24 hours. During that period of time, students in high school stayed in their own separate boxes for 24 hours.”

Zach Bonner’s Little Red Wagon Foundation –