1) Weekend pictures from the Net.

a) People

Beauty and the Beast – Berlin, Germany: A visitor stands behind the reflection of a bust of Adolf Hitler on the opening day of a new exhibition about the German leader


Hong Kong: A little girl and her mother light candles and incense at the memorial niche for a relative during the Chung Yeung grave-sweeping festival


b) Nature

Today’s forest landscape – A deer forages for food in the early morning sun at the National Trust’s Dunham Massey property in Cheshire, England. Shortening daylight hours and cooler weather signals the start of the rutting season for red and fallow deer


Tomorrow’s ? – Land cleared for a palm oil plantation in Indonesia. A video camera trap installed by the World Wildlife Fund captures a bulldozer clearing the trees in a crucial tiger forest for what WWF says is an illegal plantation.

3) Personality – were we go what we have.

Where do you think you got your core personality from?

I think we get our emotional make-up primarily from two sources.  We start with what we inherit from our parents, and these are shape mostly by our childhood experience.

The person in my family I am most like is my mother.  She was very strong willed, and stubborn.  As a result of a childhood illness she developed an enlarged heart.  Her doctors did not expect her to live past her teens.  She made it to 36.  She was also told she could never have children.  Thankfully for myself, and my late sister, she did not listen.

My father one the other hand was very easy going.  He would avoid facing a problem.  I suspect that’s one reason he never spent time with me,  he just didn’t know how to deal with the angry young boy I was.

I spent much of my childhood alone, especially after my grandmother died, she was the only one who made me feel wanted.  My mother spent half her life in Hospitals.  When she was there I lived with my fathers Irish Catholic family.  My sister was sent to live in Maine with my mothers German Protestant father. 

After my grandmother died, when I was nine, I moved between various aunts and uncles.  From my perspective I think I was taken out of a sense of family responsibility.  I don’t remember feeling much love, but then the angry boy I was made that hard.

After my mother died, when I was 13, I lived at home with my sister and father.  While I we shared living quarters, I doubt you could call it a home. My father was a hard worker, often seven days a week.  I suspect partly to avoid me.  He spent much of his none worker time at his family’s house.

I have my mothers strong will to endure through pain.  I also share her stubborn nature, which makes it hard for me to give up any degree of control over my life to anyone else.  My preference for living alone is a product of having spent so much of my childhood that way.

The greatest gift my mother give me, besides life itself, was her passion for living.  I’ll take that even when it comes with the “gift” of being more than just a tad stubborn.  🙂