I usually post an article about faith every Friday.  Apologies but the creative part of my brain seems to be dead today.  I did find some great pictures in today’s Christian Science Monitor of kids in Halloween costumes.  


1) Faith is about having hope for a better future, and its for our children, and future generations, that we strive to build that better future.

For my friends of religious faith what is some guidance from your Holy Book about how to guide children to a better future?

If you were a child again what would your Halloween costume be?



Children wear tiger-like makeup and costumes during a performance to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Bozhou, China.


Dominick Meritt wins the boys’ costume category for his Jack-in-the-Box outfit at the Millville Baby Show in Millville, N.J., on Oct. 13


A little girl dressed as a baby chicken walks in the Halloween Parade in Tokyo, Japan’s Roppongi Hills

2) A couple of pictures of children posted online in news stories Friday.


A child runs to meet his mother during a promotion ceremony at the police academy in Sibate, south of Bogota, on Thursday.


An ethnic Karen boy from Myanmar stands in front of a board at the school in the Mae La refugee camp outside Mae Sot near the Thai-Myanmar border. Karen refugees continue to pour into Thailand, fleeing decades-long fighting between Karen rebels and Myanmar government troops and its allies. Some 140,000 refugees live in official camps along the border. According to the UN refugee agency, there are concerns that hostilities in the hills of Eastern Myanmar could intensify due to a pending boycott of elections next month.