1) Pictures of Autumn from the Christian Science Monitor



A flock of migrating cranes flies in front of the moon in Linum near Berlin, Germany, on Wednesday.


A man walks across a park as this autumn’s first snow falls on Moscow on Wednesday.


One of the jack-o’-lanterns at The Great Jack-o-lantern Blaze in New York

The only time I made a jack-o-lantern was as a child, with my grandma Nell’s help.  It wasn’t as artistic as the one above, but it was made with love.

When was the last time you carved a Halloween pumpkin?

2) Sports – redefining gender


Lana Lawless, a former police officer who underwent a sex change operation five years ago, is challenging the LPGA’s ban on transgender players.

From a Christian Science article by Paul Elias – http://tinyurl.com/23qgagx

“She filed a federal lawsuit late Tuesday in San Francisco federal court claiming the LPGA’s “female at birth” requirement for competitors violates a California civil rights law.

Lawless is seeking to prevent the LPGA from holding tournaments in the state until the organization changes its policy to admit transgender players. She is also seeking unspecified damages.

Lawless, 57, also sued three LPGA sponsors and the Long Drivers of America, which holds the annual women’s long-drive golf championship. Lawless won the event in 2008 with a 254-yard drive but was barred from competing this year after organizers adopted the LPGA’s gender rules.

“I am, in all respects, legally, and physically female,” Lawless said in a statement Wednesday. “The state of California recognizes me as such and the LPGA should not be permitted to come into California and blatantly violate my rights. I just want to have the same opportunity to play professional golf as any other woman.”

LPGA spokesman David Higdon declined to comment because the organization hasn’t seen the lawsuit. A spokesman for the Long Drivers of America also declined to comment.”

Ever since the transgender Renee Richards successfully sued the US Tennis Association, to play in the US Open, transgender althelets have competed in many sports, such as in the Olympics.

I will guess the courts will rule that to deny a transgender participation in a sporting event is discrimination.  If you are legally a women you can compete as a women.

I can understand why some may feel a man transitioned to being a women might have an unfair advantage over other women, in terms of physical strength.  However if the laws in a society define you as being a man, or a women, than that is what you are.

Speaking in terms of fairness, not the law, should transgenders be allowed to compete against the members of the sex they have transitioned to.

3) Transgenders In Song

The self-described transgender Antony Hegarty, of Antony and the Johnsons, has a very unique and hauntingly  voice.  Whatever questions anyone may have about his sex, no one can question emotional quality of his singing.