Faith & Change

1) An Atheist perspective. If you aren’t interested in Ed’s Doctrine of Faith feel free to just skip to part 2.  🙂

My faith is centered on the belief that not only is change inevitable, it is necessary.

We, collectively as a species, need to continually adapt to the new environments we face today, and will face in the future. As we have successfully adapted to every environment that has challenged us.

As we evolve, we build better tools that teach us how to better understand the world.  With this new knowledge we create better ways live in it.

At first we were hunter gathers.  Each day was a test in survival.  We faced extinction in every tomorrow.

Not being very strong, or swift of feet, compared to the animals that hunted us, we needed to build the tools we could use to overcome our disadvantages.  Our evolved brain gave us the ability to do so, and to see into the future and plan for it.

When we use the tools created by the testing process called science, we can now see into the human gnome, we can see inside DNA.  We find that each new child is born with genes from their parents, and something new.  Our children are not clones, each is a new unique human being.

The vast majority of these mutations have no visible effect on the child’s ability to survive.  Sometimes the mutation makes the child less able to survive.  The child dies and does not pass on its mutation. 

Sometimes a “miracle” happens, to borrow from my Christian friends 🙂 , and the child has a greater capability to survive, and improve on the tools, and societies, created by their parents.  They pass on their mutation to future generation.  That is my take on Natural Selection.

Our extinction is still possible, my faith provides no guarantee of a future, as religious faith does.  However as long as we continue to change, mutate, and evolve, our future, a better future, will be secured.

2) Guidance in the Bible about dealing with change.

The most important guidance is to not fear change.  The promise of Jesus can provide the faith needed to have confidence in facing the challenges the future will bring.

Psalm 56:11 (New International Version)  In God I trust; I will not be afraid.  What can man (the world) do to me?

Fear can paralyze us.  We want to go hide in a closet, or close our eyes and pretend nothing is changing.  That of course does not work.  When a Christian trust in God they can face whatever life throws at them.  There is no need to fear what comes their way, today or tomorrow.

2 Timothy 2:15 (NIV) Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.

A Christian is called to do their best to have their life reflect God’s plan for them.  To use the truth of the word of God, that comes to them through the Holy Spirit, to guide them in how to best meet the challenges that change will bring.

The ever-present, ever-loving, God provides the stability to preserve through a world that may seem broken.  When a Christian has doubts about the future, they have their God’s promise to give them the will needed to keep moving forward.