Fall finally showed up on Sunday, the first day I had to wear a jacket.  Temperatures tonight have dropped into the 40’s, so I will have to break out the comforter for my bed.  I enjoy fall, which seems to show up later than when I was a child.  Winter seems to come more quickly, but that may only be because my bones feel the cold a lot more.

I had lunch with my cousin on Saturday, at Bertolucci Brickoven Pizza, with green peppers and spinach, because I need my veggies, and bacon, because I need, well, my bacon.  🙂

My life is good, very good.  It isn’t perfect, I wouldn’t want it to be. I do complain, complaining seems to be part of human nature. 🙂  My complaints are about the weather, sports and politics, nothing in my own life.  I am either lucky or my rose-colored glasses keep the sunshine on my brain.  🙂 

How was your weekend?

1) Weekend pictures from the Net

a.) Space – Hubble Space Telescope


Previously unseen details of a mysterious, complex structure within the Carina Nebula are revealed by this image of the ‘Keyhole Nebula,’ obtained with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope in 1999.


NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope photographed three magnificent sections of the Veil Nebula — the shattered remains of a supernova that exploded thousands of years ago. This series of images provides beautifully detailed views of the delicate, wispy structure resulting from this cosmic explosion.

b.) Dance

Sofia, Bulgaria: A dancer from the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe performs in a show called My Dream at the National Palace of Culture. The troupe was founded in 1987 and is home to 88 performers with physical disabilities and hearing and sight impairments

The Troupe’s web site – http://www.mydream.org.cn/about.htm


Warsaw, Poland: Japanese butoh dancer Daisuke Yoshimoto performs during the concert Osjan and Guests at the sixth Cross-Culture Warsaw Festival

c) Fashion

The fashion runway is also good for a laugh.  Of course so is my fashion sense, from teen greaser, to hippy-dippy young man, to disco Ed.


Paris, France: A model presents a creation by Belgian designer Martin Margiela, as part of the spring/summer 2011 ready-to-wear collection

Viktor & Rolf spring/summer 2011