I have no real need to watch comedians to get a laugh, looking at my own life is a constant source of amusement.

Sunday I went on-line and my Norton Anti-virus was not working, stupid @#%&* anti-virus.  Tried on-line fix.  Didn’t work, stupid @#%&* on-line support.   After calling Tech Support it turns out the problem was that on my previous PC session, working on my budget, I had changed the month to September, and forgot to change it back to August.  Ed’s stupid @#%&* brain.  🙂

How well do you get along with your PC/Laptop?

Mine is a lot more forgiving than any of my ex-girfriends.  🙂

A) Can a leopard change its spots?

Lou Reed, 1974

Lou Reed 2010

Lou Reed and Lola walking to breakfast in the West Village, NYC.

Have you changed much over your lifetime?

Phase 1 – Angst ridden, suicidal teen. Phase 2 – Confident, egotistical, hedonistic young man.  Phase 3 – Hardworking bee in a very big hive.  Phase 4 –  A perfectly well-rounded, and slightly delusional, older man.  🙂  Phase 5 under construction.

B) Art by the young and old.

Some knitting art from Kate Jenkins, via The Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery

Mini Pork Pie (Crocheted Lambs Wool)


From the Chapman Brothers Coloring Competition, a contest for kids aged 6-13.

A Rainbow  Happy Goblin by Susie McGuinness, age 12