I’ll start with a simple question.  🙂 

What aspect of your faith helps you the most in your daily life?

The source of my faith are the natural forces that shape my world.  These forces exist in perfect harmony.  Within this harmony is the catalyst for change, one thing transformed into another.  Without change my world would be static, devoid of life as life as we know it.  Mutation is one of the most beautiful words in the English language.

In studying the natural world I see the great beauty found in every living thing.  The animal that appears ugliest to my eyes is just a beautiful as any other.  In learning to appreciate the beauty found in all things I learn to love everything, everyone, everywhere. 

It is a fact of life that there are people who will try harm me, and I will have to protect myself, but even with these people the DNA in their cells works exactly the same as mine does. 

 We all belong to one family, Homo sapien.  We may call ourselves American, Chinese, Christian, Muslim, but those are just differences we have created with our cultures.

Looking through the lens of the process called science I see how similar we are.  Using the lens of cultural I am more likely to see differences, in our race, religion and country.  Some day we will all come to accept the science, and the barriers we have created will come down.

The better I understand the natural forces, the better I will learn to live in the world.  The more beauty will I see in everything, and everyone, I share my world with.