Monday’s pictures from the Net:

1) From the Christian Science Monitor’s Photos of the Day


A man performs with fire during a Hungry Ghost Festival parade along the streets of Keelung, Taiwan, on Monday. It is believed by some worshipers that the gates of Hell are opened during the month and dead ancestors return to visit their relatives. The Hungry Ghost Festival starts this year from Aug. 10 and ends on Sept. 7 with traditional Chinese operas, puppet shows, and concerts by believers to appease the roaming spirits.


Bangladeshi Muslim women shop for clothes during Ramadan in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on Monday. Bangladesh’s High Court ordered the government to ensure women will not be forced to wear burqas at educational institutions after one college reportedly barred females without the veil from entering. 

2) From the Guardian 24 Hours In Pictures:


Baseera, Pakistan: A man and a boy, displaced by floods, wade through water in Punjab province


Guardia Sanframondi, Italy: A penitent representing Jesus carries a cross as he takes part in a religious procession to honour the Virgin Mary

3) A child plays at a sculpture that is a laptop computer with an abacus as its monitor in Shanghai, China, on Friday.


My first full time job after high school was as a payroll clerk.  This is the machine I used to count with:

At the start of my career as an auditor this is what we used to prepare our reports:

How much has the technology you worked with changed since your first job?