This weekend I noticed how much my life has changed since I retired, from the daily grand that working for a paycheck can be.  I realized I have no calendar in my condo.  The only clock I use is the one on my computer.  I have no schedule, and don’t need to plan out my day.

My lifestyle is probably as un-American as it can get. 🙂 Even my elderly friends seems to need, or be a lot more comfortable with, a schedule and daily routine.

Could you enjoying living without a clock or calendar?

Pictures from the Net:

1) This image shows the eruption of a galactic “super-volcano” in the massive galaxy M87, as witnessed by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and NSF’s Very Large Array (VLA). At a distance of about 50 million light years, M87 is relatively close to Earth and lies at the center of the Virgo cluster, which contains thousands of galaxies.

2) This strange, bearded antelope, a young Thomson’s gazelle, was seen just a few weeks ago in Kenya. It’s not clear why this young creature looks so different from its kin.


The fact that this furry gazelle wasn’t rejected by its mother suggests that whatever is causing the excess hair either wasn’t present when the gazelle was born, or that the condition isn’t causing obvious health problems.

3) From The Guardian’s “24 Hours In Pictures”

Muzaffargarh, Pakistan: Women flood victims stand beside their tent as the sun sets at a camp for displaced people