Instead of a Bible study post I want to discuss finding, or losing faith.  Also gaining the self-confidence to have faith in your self.

Unless we are very lucky we are all going to experience the feeling of being lost at some point in our lives.  No idea what to do, other than go hide in a corner somewhere and cry.  That is when we need a source of faith that will give us the hope our lives can get better.  A loss of faith means a loss of hope.

We only need to look at the headlines in the news, or on any street corner, in almost any city, anywhere in the world, to find millions of people who are in need of faith.

The great benefit of religious faith is that having it means you will believe your are never alone.  Your God is always by your side.  The promise of your God is that no matter how desperate your life in this world is , or how hopeless it may seem, you will pass on to a better one in Heaven.

Another great benefit of religious faith is that no matter where you are in the world there will be a church, a community, that will accept and help you.

I don’t see that people of religious faith, overall, act any better, or any worse, are any happier, or sadder, than anyone else.  The advantage that I do see, in terms of living in this world, are communities where you will feel loved, wanted and just as important, needed.  We all need the feeling of belonging.  Religious communities can give us that probably better than any other institution.  Some people say that an institution is exactly where I belong.  🙂

Faith also means having someone, something, you can trust.  In the worst pit of hell you can imagine, your God is by your side.  You are never forgotten, or alone.  If you are a Christian then you believe that Jesus gave you a gift  that is always there to guide you, your indwelling Holy Spirit.

I gained my source of faith in, as far as I can see, a completely different manner from people of religious faith.  I turned inward.  I took my walk to faith alone.  The reason for this was I felt no faith, or trust, in anyone, including myself.  I did not believe I had anyone else I could turn to.  This may not have been true, but it was what I believed.

Religious faith is, or should be, all about love.  Religious faith is a passionate, emotional experience.  My problems were emotional ones, manic depression, suicidal tendencies.  My first step was to remove emotion, as much as possible, and just take on life one step at a time, survive.  Once I proved, to myself, that I could survive, I gained the confidence to take the risk of engaging life.  To allow myself to experience the emotions of joy, passion, love.  To risk trusting other people.  After dealing with used car salesmen, and insurance agents, I am not so sure this trusting business is that great an idea.  🙂

Our experiences in life will determine how we find faith, or if we don’t.  For me the first person I needed to have faith in was myself.

Since almost all of my blog buddies who comment here are Christian, I will direct my question about faith to them.

How do you gained self-confidence when the religious doctrine of your faith is that man is a weak, fallen, sinner?

A question for anyone.  What do you think is the best way to develop self-confidence?