Instead of a Friday blog post about the guidance in the Bible, I want to discuss Faith its self.

1) I’ll start with a simple question – What is Faith?  🙂  I have asked this question before, and will likely ask it again.  Every time I have taken part in a discussion about faith I have learned something new, about my own faith, or someone else.

My faith is what gives me the hope needed to believe tomorrow can be better.  My personal faith extends only until the day I die.  However my optimism about the future is sustained by my faith in the continuing evolution of mankind, and the better societies we will build in the future.

I see religious faith as having the primary goal of joining God in the after life (Heaven), or being at one with God, as in my understanding of Nirvana.  Religious doctrines are of course also about how best to live in the world.

2) Ed’s Religious Doctrine.  Like most preachers I am talking about how you should behave, not about how I actually do.  🙂

a. Send me lots of money so I can spread my faith.  🙂

b. We need no other doctrine for building a better world then to treat each other with kindness.

c. The minute you define yourself as anything other than a human being you have put up a barrier between yourself and your neighbor.

d. We can’t bring down the barriers that separate us until we reach over them to our neighbors. We should spend time with people whose faith we do not share.

e. In building a better world it is more important how you treat people who do not share your faith, or race, or nationality, than how you treat people how do.


How many houses of worship have you been to of religions that do not share your faith?

I’ve been to a Buddhist temple, Jewish synagogue, Christian churches, Shinto shrine, and Muslim mosque.