Over the weekend I read some post by blog buddies about taking care of children.  I also read a story about two sisters who had been separated as children, in 1950, and were not reunited until 60 years later.

I have never raised a child, and have never had the desire to do so.  My sister took in over 30 foster children, plus had five of her own, she got all the parenting genes.

 1) The Adoption.com site, http://news.adoption.com/ , has current news stories about adoptions.  I found a very moving story about two sisters separated as children, who did not meet again until sixty years later:

Video of the sisters finally reunited


From the article in the Herald Online – http://www.heraldonline.com/2010/08/04/2357427/sisters-reunite-after-60-years.html

“In the darkness of late-night Sept. 15, 1947, in little Gainesville, Ga., a midwife handed 13-year-old Barbara Reeves her baby sister.

“She was in a receiving blanket, and she was the prettiest little thing I ever saw,” recalled Barbara. “I can see her right now.

Barbara and her older sister, Louise, named the girl that night as their alcoholic mother recovered from childbirth.

They called her Barri Lynn Reeves, from names they liked, and – except for a few fleeting glances over the next couple of years – they never saw her again.

“After she was born, we stayed with Dad, the baby went with Mom to Florida, where her family was from,” said Barbara Reeves Carter, now 75. “Mother was unstable. That is just the way it was. She was an alcoholic.

“She came back to Gainesville, and we knew there was a couple there who babysat Lynn, took care of her, and grew to love Lynn. Although they never legally adopted her, Lynn became theirs.”

“In 1950 the little girl’s name was legally changed to Barri Lynn Jackson, and the couple moved away to Florida.”

“Barbara Reeves married and started her own life. Even after she moved to Charlotte 50 years ago and began to raise her own family, she talked of her lost sister. In 1986, Barbara’s mother died – but not before asking Barbara from her deathbed to find Barri Lynn.”

“In places from Florida to Aiken to California, in a Bank of America branch in Dawsonville, Ga., and a house in Blairsville, Ga., a girl named Barri Lynn Jackson – always called Lynn – grew into a woman.

She married twice and had children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Lynn knew she was adopted but didn’t know her birth family other than a last name and a place.”

“Barbara Reeves, 75 years old, waiting for this moment for more than 60 years, grabbed the phone like she was choking a mugger. She dialed and heard the word: ‘Hello?’

“Lynn, this is your sister Barbara, and I was the first person who ever held you, and I named you, and I love you,” Barbara blurted into that phone a month ago.

And Lynn on the other end of the phone, her breath faint, her pulse weak, spat out: “I love you too, Barbara, my sister.”

“The sisters talked endlessly on the phone, through e-mail, Facebook on the Internet, all the stuff these spirited sisters – who are far younger at heart than their real ages – had ached to do for six decades.”

“The families arranged a reunion in Indian Land this past weekend, with about 30 relatives driving in to share the joy.

The sisters met on the lawn as Lynn and husband John drove up, in this community of retirees, and everybody with a heart bawled to beat the band.

Then they did what sisters do, but they hadn’t done all those years ago.  They posed for pictures. They hugged and held hands and talked of grandchildren and children and loves lost and loves gained and hearts broken and put back together.”

2) On Angie’s site you can follow the story of Kaitlynn joining the Washington family:
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3) Papa posted a great story about the recent week he and Mama spent at “Girl’s Camp”, where they were “Grandpa & Grandma” for the week, and the special child, Tina, they helped. 
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