1) Today in Pictures – From The Christian Science Monitor



A plane flies in front of a rainbow above the Mediterranean Sea in Nice, France, on Thursday


People march with lanterns past the illuminated Atomic Bomb Dome, praying for the world peace in Hiroshima, Japan, on Thursday on the eve of the 65th anniversary of the world’s first atomic bomb attack.


An octopus, one of the unidentified species discovered on a deep-sea expedition in Newfoundland, Canada. A team of 27 Canadian and Spanish researchers used a remotely operated vehicle deployed from the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Hudson to dive to the bottom of the sea.

2) Living alone, but never lonely.

Found this video poem by poet/singer/songwriter, Tanya Davis, which fits how I see my lifestyle, without the cat of course 🙂

How To Be Alone

I enjoy being with people, and have a lot of friends.  I don’t have a close personal friend, never have, except of course my childhood traveling companion Buttons.

I love being around people, I prefer city life, but live by myself, and have no desire to change that arrangement.

I am outgoing, but also a loner by nature.   You could put me down with in a crowd of strangers, anywhere in the world, and I would love the opportunity to make new friends.  I also however need my own living space, and the personal freedom it brings.

What is the longest period of time you have lived alone?

Which you prefer, being in a crowd, or being completely alone?