1) Creepy video of the week – If you find spiders creepy.  A mass of Daddy Log Legs on a tree.

If that was your finger could you poke those spiders?

2) Picture of the Day


Dongguan, China: Counter-terrorism special forces practice at a training field.  Playing in the mud is fun.  These guys don’t seem to be having that much fun.

3) Squirrel Meat 

At London’s supermarket Budgens squirrel meat is flying off the self, well sort of.  Would you eat squirrel meat?

From article in The Guardian:


Andrew Thornton, started selling the meat about five months ago after requests from customers at his Budgens store in Crouch End, north London.

“There are too many squirrels around, we might as well eat them rather than cull them and dispose of them,” he said.

Thornton sells up to 15 squirrels a week when they are in stock.

“I think it’s lovely. It’s bit like rabbit. I think there will be a lot of fuss about this now, but in a few years it will become accepted practice that we eat squirrels. People don’t bat an eyelid now about eating rabbit,” he said.

I think Thorton is right.  There are too many squirrels, and their population seem to be exploding.  I would also like us to start putting some of those geese, that are everywhere, on the dinner table. 

Recipe for Squirrel Pie

Clean, skin and cut two squirrels into small pieces. Soak in salted water, or water with a little vinegar added, changing water several times. Drain, dry and roll in seasoned flour. Sauté in pork or bacon fat until slightly browned, then place in greased pie dish or bowl, add two cups liquid (made up of wine, cider, beer, crushed fruit , or a little vinegar, and water or stock), salt and pepper, one thinly sliced onion, herbs of your choice. Cover and cook on top stove for 1 ½, or in moderate oven for two hours. Remove and thicken the stock with a little flour. Take out part of the gravy and add tomatoes, sauce or catsup, to serve with the pie. Meanwhile, cover meat dish with pastry or biscuit dough, slit for steam to escape, and bake for 20 minutes in hot oven.

4) The picture I hated seeing:


Traffic moves along the border fence separating Nogales, Ariz., and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, on Tuesday evenings.

Warning – Rant

We need to be breaking down the fences that separate us, not build new ones.

Politicians around the world are getting votes by blaming illegal immigrants, who are easy targets, and can’t vote, for their countries problems.  They wave their flag (French, Swiss, or American) and complain about all those immigrants ruining their country.

Putting aside politics, and racism, it really is a simple question of supply and demand.  As long as people want cheap labor someone will find a way to get that help to them.

The most effective way to deal with the issue is to increase the cost to the point where it is no longer economical.

Fine, and if necessary, jail the people who are hiring illegal immigrants.  If I need money to feed my family no fences is going to stop me.

The US has been a terrible neighbor to Mexico.  We even fought a war and stole half their country, now Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

We focus on economic aid to Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and ignore a country we share a border with.

For all my Christian friends in the Tea Party, I wonder what Jesus would say about that fence?

 So endith the rant.