My favorite videos found on the Net last week:

1) The beautiful voice of Lea Salonga singing “Someone Else’s Story” from the musical Chess, which won the 1986 Critics Circle Theatre Award for Best Musical. 

Lea Salonga-Chien (born February 22, 1971) is a Filipino singer and actress best know for her Tony Award winning role in Miss Saigon.

Her Wikipedia page –

2) This is the one of the most moving TV commercials I have ever seen, really more like a short film. Made in Thailand it’s about deaf and mute girl trying to compete for a musical award.  I can understand why it’s gone viral on YouTube with over 3,000,000 views.

3) Technology for the handicapped has been improving very dramatically over the last few years.  A New Zealand company, Rex Bionics, has been developing robotic exoskeletons, designed to one day replace wheelchairs.  Below is a video of their latest model.  It needs more development, and is expensive at $150,000.

The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) has been supporting research into the military use of powered exoskeletons, and several Japanese companies are working on their own models to help with jobs that require heavy lifting.