Happy to be back from Catland, with my sanity, or at least as much as I ever had.  I think we need to add a Feline Circle of Hell to the nine in Dante’s Inferno.

My cousin’s cats have picked up a new trick.  They hopped on the table to try to get at my food.  I was thinking about trying to entice them into the oven, I am sure the raccoons would enjoy fricassee cat, but I for my cousin’s sake I endured their company.  I am sure they thought the same about having share their domain with me.

The cats also left me with a going away present, a ton of cat hair on every article of clothing I wore.  I washed my clothes twice, and still notice more cat hairs on my pants and shorts.  I always thought cat hair wasn’t useful, much like it’s owner, but here is one lady, a cat groomer, who makes handbags, for up to $400, out of cat hair:

As an added bonus my cousin’s air conditioner was broken.  When the temperature hit 100 degrees about all I felt like doing was sitting in a chair like a blob.  I couldn’t tell how much the heat and humidity bothered the cats since this is how they spend their days anyway.

Have any interesting vacations stories, where things didn’t go exactly as planned?