1) My blog buddy Candy Steele, her blog is here, sent me this on Twitter, colored bacon from what is my new favorite blog – Bacon Today, http://bacontoday.com/ .

I wonder where they found the orange and blue pigs?

What is your favorite bacon dish?  If your are a vegetarian what is a favorite meat substitute. 

I don’t have anything against vegetarians, it just means there is more fatty beef & pork for the rest of us.  I use to love BLT’s, but why waste sandwich space on veggies.  My favorite is a BBB sandwich, or anythng wrapped in bacon.

2) I will guess that Jerry McCraney’s friend Cocheno loves vegetarians.  Here Jerry is trying to coaxes Cocheno off their paddle boat, in Antioch, California.

3) I hope on any boating excursions you won’t have to witness a sight like these actors dressed in mankinis, floating on rubber rings on the Serpentine in Hyde Park, London.


You would have to pay me a lot of money to wear a mankini.  Actually you would pay a lot of money for me to not wear a mankini.

Do you dread trying on last years bathing suit, after a less than active winter?  When was the last time you actually wore a bathing suit at the beach.

I only do walking at the beach.  There is a state law against me wearing a bathing suit.

4) Can’t make this stuff up – Kid pulls tooth using toy rocket, with father encouraging him on.In watching the video it looks like the father set the whole thing up, and the kid didn’t look too crazy about starting that rocket.  They did both wind up laughing.

I give this idiot the Dumb/Bad parent award for using his child to make a YouTube video.  I want to see the video where he pulls a tooth out using a rocket.