1) Clowns in the street and on the runway.

Two street performers rest in the midday heat, Seoul, Korea.


Two models on the runway for the Alexander McQueen 2009 Fall Paris Fashion Show.


Which of these outfits gets your vote for the silliest?

Have you ever bought clothes soley because they were the latest fashion trend?

Groovy bell bottom trousers with rhinestones.  Well, it was the sixties.  🙂

2) Some insight from yesterday’s comic strips.

“Middle age men start losing their hair because it is attached to their minds.”  Shoe

“You know taxes are too high when your paycheck is just as receipt for your deductions.” Graffitti

What is your best source for a good laugh?

3) Two of the poems that arrival daily from Poetry Org.

What was the last poem you read?

a) From Passage 1 by Maureen N. Mclane

Vermont shore lit
by a fugitive sun
who doesn’t believe
in a day’s redemption

sunset renovation
at the expected hour
but the actual palette
still a surprise

gulls alit on the lake
little white splendors
looking to shit on the dock

little cat
kneading my chest
milkless breasts
take your pleasure
where you can

not that I was alive
but that we were

b) Compendium of Lost Objects by Nicole Cooley

Not the butterfly wing, the semiprecious stones,
          the shard of mirror,

not the cabinet of curiosities built with secret drawers
          to reveal and conceal its contents,

but the batture, the rope swing, the rusted barge
          sunk at the water’s edge

or the park’s Live Oaks you walked through
          with the forbidden man

or the pink-shuttered house on the streetcar line
          where you were married

or the green shock of land off I-10, road leading
          you away from home.
Not any of this
but a cot at the Superdome sunk in a dumpster

and lace valances from a Lakeview kitchen where water
          rose six feet high inside and a refrigerator wrapped in duct tape lying
          in the dirt of a once-yard

and a Blue Roof and a house marked 0 and a

kitchen clock stopped at the time the hurricane hit.

Because, look, none of this fits
in a dark wood cabinet for safekeeping.

This is an installation
                    for dismantling
                              —never seen again.