1) This photo shows Jupiter’s Great Red Spot (GRS). The GRS is actually a massive anti-cyclonic vortex large enough to engulf several Earths. It’s the largest known vortex in the solar system.


2) A participant of the ‘Wattoluempiade’ (mud olympics), covered with mud, cheers to the audience following their soccer match on the mudflats of the river Elbe in Brunsbuettel near Hamburg June 6.  About 400 athletes take part in the so-called ‘Wattoluempiade’ competing in soccer, volleyball, and other events.

When was the last time you played in the mud?

As much fun as I see my neighbors kids having, the last time I played in the mud myself was at Woodstock, in 1969.  The high you could get just breathing in the air at Woodstock could explain my getting down and dirty, literally.  🙂

3) Twins eat sweets in the local parish hall after taking their first holy communion in St Mary’s Roman Catholic church in Cushendall, Northern Ireland.


When was the last time you had a lollipop?

My family’s doctor, way back when they actually made house visits, always brought me and my sister a lollipop.  As much as I enjoyed the treat I can’t say I ever looked forward to any of his visit.  This might have had something to do with the humongous needle, I swear it had to be a foot long 🙂 , that he also brought in his black bag.

I also remember the song “Lollipop” that was a hit record in 1958.  The song represents the times.  The original was by the duo of “Ronald and Ruby”.  It climbed to #22 on the charts, until it became know that Ronald (Lee Morris aka Ronald Gumps) was black and Ruby (Beverly “Ruby” Ross) was white.  All television appearances that had been previously booked were cancelled and interest in the song waned.

Then the all white female group the Chordettes came out with their version, which made it to #2 on the Billboard charts.

A video with the original Ronald & Ruby version.