Being a very cool dude 🙂  I found some very cool stops on the Internet last week.

Did you eat at any cool restaurants lately?  Listened to any cool music?

1) The coolest place to see the earth isn’t on the planet.  This is the view from the International Space Station of the Space Shuttle Atlantis with the Earth in the background.

View of Space Shuttle From Space Station

Link to the Image Gallery on Nasa’s site

2) This is the coolest restaurant view on the planet.  I might make a reservation, if I wasn’t afraid of heights.  Restaurant is suspend 150 above the ground.  They will put it apparently in any location you have the money pay for.

Dinner In The Sky London

If you don’t like a view over the water you can try one under it, at the Ithaa Restaurant, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island.

3) I don’t who this Justin Bieber person is that  YouTube  keeps recommending to me, but one the coolest voices on the planet belongs to Aaron Neville:

Aaron Neville’s version of Van Morrison song “Crazy Love”

If you like some cool dancing music here is a new song by Ellen Allien – “Sun the Rain”