One of the jobs I fantasized about as a teen was being a disc jokey, until I found out what they were actually paid, which except the top guys like Alan Freed, this was a few years ago 🙂 , wasn’t very much.

In case you never heard of him, Alan Freed’s Wikipedia entry:

Who was your favorite radio personality, if you even know what radio is 🙂

Now I can play that role in my own blog, making even less than 1950 pay scales.  🙂

Some recent music I liked.  Were there any new songs you heard, in the last month or two, that you liked?

Mary Chapin Carpenter – I Have A Need For Solitude

Jose James – Love Conversation

Point Of Grace – He Holds Everything

The Runaways were the first female band I can remember who could rock with boys.  There is a new movie out about them, and from the clips I have seen I will not be watching.   The movie apparently ends when, for the me, the band was just starting to find their real sound, straight up rock and role.  No pedifile manager, no Cherie Currie in lingerie fronting the band, just a couple of chicks, Joan Jett and Lita Ford, rocking.

Runaways – Mama Were All Crazee Now