I am researching the topic for my Bible Study, which in honour of Mother’s Day will be about Mary of Nazareth.  I hope to post it tomorrow night.  Here are some stories to keep you until then.

1) A picture of shrimp boats dragging booms to collect oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico.


I don’t believe we have any understanding of the damage, or cost, to the environment of industrial accidents, like the explosion at the offshore drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico. I suspect we don’t want to know. So who is at fault?  We are at fault. 

We don’t want to significantly cut back on our use of petroleum products.  We don’t want to pay the taxes to hire enough inspectors to adequately monitor for safety violations.  We elect politicians who give us what we want, and not what we need.  So endth the rant.  🙂

2) In the world of science our space telescopes are continuing to make discoveries that will revolutionize our understanding of the Universe. 

The European Space Agency’s Herschel Space Observatory carries the largest, most powerful infrared telescope ever flown in space.  Below is a picture of a Galactic bubble is known as RCW 120. It lies about 4300 light-years away and has been formed by a star at its centre.  This “bubble” is least 8 times the mass of our Sun.


You can find some more amazing pictures on the European Space Agency’s interactive gallery:


3) Some music videos of songs from my past.

UB40 – Kingston Town

Danny and the Juniors (now Danny and the seniors) – At The Hop.  Yes I was one of the cats who did the slop at the hop.  I must sadly admit even back then I did not have hair like that. –