We have lived in a world dominated by rules written by men for all our history.  It seems to me that, more often then not, it’s when we listen to women working for change, that our world gets better.

I don’t believe that women are more, or less, capable than men.  It’s the fact that leaders, who are almost always men, once they attain power, become focused on keeping it, they will tend to resist change.  Women will more likely want to change the status quo, or have new, fresher ideas, about how to solve problems that will improve society.

Our world needs to change, and giving women an equal opportunity to become leaders is one thing that will help change it for the better.

Do you believe that society would be significantly better if women had an equal opportunity for leadership roles?

Do you believe that in America women now have a resonable opportunity at leadership roles in any, or all, of the following fields: Politics – Business – Science – Religion

Here are two women who are working to make the world a better place.

1) Kavita Ramdas, from India, talks about radical women embracing tradition.

2) A video, from the Guardian, of Nawal El Saadaw, Egypt’s leading radical feminist, talking about religion, fundamentalism and female circumcision.  I don’t agree with all her opinions, which are shaped by the world she lives in.   I agree with her fight to change the fundamentalist religions that encourge, require, practices like female circumcision, and abuse of women.