I want to make my next Bible study post about one of the psalms.  I haven’t been able to decide which to pick so I will post it tomorrow, for you to go over on the weekend.  In the meantime I’ll entertain you with a few videos. One funny, one stunning, one haunting and one full of passion.

1) The Irish comic Dave Allen tells the very funny story of his first day in Catholic School, when he was 4.

My favorite line is – “The Nun asked if I was going to be a good boy.  Looked past her and saw some guy nailed to a cross.  Bloody right I am going to be a good boy.”

2) This is an amazing video of the solar flares coming off the sun, taken by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

3) A beautiful melody played by Toumani Diabate, with the West African instrument, the Kora – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kora_(instrument)

4) A song off of Jennifer Knapp’s new album “Letting Go”.