Abbott and Costello – Who’s on first?

For my Christian friends last week was their Holy Week.  For me my Holy Season begins tonight, as the Yankees, aka the evil empire, take on the Boston Red Sox.

What is the first sports team you remember rooting for?

What was a favorite moment in sports for you?

World Series Predictions?

Mets beat the Red Sox in seven games, said I am afraid more from my heart than my head.  🙂

Baseball has always been my favorite sport.  I was born into a family of New York Yankee fanatics, so of course my team was the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Between 1947 and 1953 the Yanks and Dodgers played in five  World Series. The Yanks won every time.  Then in 1955 my beloved Dodgers turned the tables and won their first championship in the 72 year history of the franchise.  It was one of the highlights of my childhood.

One of the low lights came in 1958 when the teams owner Walter O’Malley, after years of trying to get the approval from the city of New York to build a new stadium, moved the Dodgers to Los Angeles, California.  It broke my little heart.  😦

The in 1962 the New York Mets were born.  Once again I had a National League team to cheer for.  Of course these Mets were a professional team in name only.  As their manager Casey Stengal was quoted, “Can’t anybody here play this game?”  In 1962 the Mets lost more games, 40-120, than any team in history, except for the 1899 Cleveland Spiders, 20–134.  

Not being able to celebrate wins created some unlikely heros.  The most well know was “Marvelous Marv” Thorneberry.  Unfortunately the exploits he became best know for were mistakes.  In one game he hit a triple, but was called out for missing second base.  As Manager Stengel rush out to argue the first base umpire called him over and told him Thorneberry had also missed first base.  I still have my “Marvelous Marv” t-shirt.

Shea Stadium was built during an era when construction in New York was controlled by the “Mob”.  The story is that this resulted in a lot of cheap, substandard, material being used.  It was a good thing the Mets built a new stadium last year, the old one was ready to fall apart.

Sadly for Mets fans the new ballpark did not bring a winning team. They had another losing season.  With a payroll of $145,000,000, for a 72-90 record, the Mets were the most overpaid team in baseball last year.   Players are making a lot more for losing than they use to be.

Today’s players are bigger, stronger and faster than in the past.  However I can’t think of any who has the class, and courage, represented by Lou Gehrig, even though he was a Yankee.  🙂  Gehrig “the Ironman” played in 2,130 consecutive games, before the ravages of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) destroyed his body. It became know as Lou Gehrig’s disease.  In one of the most moving moment in sports, when he was honored at Yankee Stadium, Gehrig said, “Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”  He died two years later.

Well as I write this my Mets are tied for first place, 0-0.  David Wright will lead the league in hitting.  Johan Santana will have the best pitching record in baseball.   I am sure that when October rolls around me, and all the other Mets fans will be singing “We Are the Champions”.  Hope does spring eternal.