Africa is a continent full of natural resources, it’s people much exploited, too often neglected.  The headlines about Africa today speak of pirates, terrorist and AIDS.  Unemployment, poverty and AIDS is the reality far too many African children are born into, including the Basotho (pronounced “ba-soo-too”) whose homeland is Qwa Qwa, South African. You can read about the Basotho culture here,

The Basotho have very few resources, an unemployment rate of around 88%, and must struggle every day to deal with the impact of AIDS.  In Africa 1 in 4 are HIV positive.  What the children of the Basotho have working for them is Thrive Africa.

The hand Thrive Africa is reaching out to the Basotho isn’t charity.  It’s an investment in the future of Africa’s children.  The Basotho are at a tipping point, one side hopeless despair, the other the promise of faith that a better future is possible.

We all need hope and faith to give us the strength to make our world better.  The Basotho need hope and faith desperately.  Thrive Africa’s programs are designed to empower these people so they can create that better world we all want for our children.

Thrive Africa itself is facing a crisis.  Without an infusion of financial aid, by the end of April they will be forced to start scaling down their AIDS prevention program, and other ministry initiatives.  In the economic environment of today a lot of us need help.  While the rest of us have some level of support system to help us, all the Basothos have is Thrive Africa. 

Thrive Africa has a proven record of success, such as it’s LaunchPad Program

From the Thrive Africa site,

LaunchPad classes are taught in 6 rural villages each week by our team of staff and interns. Each class is an hour-and-a-half long and is set up to be as fun and engaging as possible. Students follow along in their workbooks during the main teaching time and participate in games and activities, a time of worship and prayer, and small group discussions.

Each term ends with a celebration for students who faithfully completed the classes. At each graduation, students share how God’s Word changed their lives and how God has used them to impact others.”

One school averaged 40 pregnancies a year among 7th, 8th and 9th graders. In the four years Thrive’s program has been taught, there has not been one single pregnancy.

Those who know me know I am an Atheist, and might be surprised I support a faith based organization.  While I don’t share the same source of faith as that reflected in the programs of Thrive Africa, I do know from personnel experience the importance of having a source of faith.  It’s what sustains us when the world seems to offer little hope. The Basotho children desperately need the faith that Thrive Africa can instilled in them.

Thrive Africa founder Alece Ronzino with Nkosi


Thrive Africa has opened a store.  I bought a cool hoodie.  I can also recommend their coffee.  Take a look and you will hopefully find something you can use, while helping children gain the faith they desperately need. 

I hope you will consider investing in these children’s future.  Thrive Africa is their hope to build a better tomorrow.  One without the poverty, AIDS, and despair they are now born into. 

To help Thrive Africa bring the faith to these children that they desperately need please click the link below: