Spring arrived here in Connecticut at the same time as it did on the Calender.  Over the weekend temperatures climbed in to the 70’s.  I celebrated with some friends down at the beach. 

Spring also means baseball time for me.  My favorite team, the New York Mets are already having injury problems that plague them last year, however when their first game arrives on April 5th they will be tied for 1st place.  🙂

What activities do you begin Spring with?  I will have to deduct points if you say house cleaning.  🙂

My good friend Brandy (Brandy is raising a family of three kids and one husband, who is in the Air Force. You can read her blog here) sent me the story of Reed Sandridge, 36, who was laid off from his job at a non-profit group, and has been spreading smiles by giving $10 to random strangers.  That isn’t much money, but anyone who is spreading smiles gets my vote.


“His mom, the daughter of a coal miner whom he remembers most for her kindness, always told him that when you’re going through tough times, that’s when you most need to give back.

He’s been using his savings and a few hundred a week in unemployment benefits to pay the mortgage on his home.  But he hopes he will network his way to a salary again long before he runs out of cash.

By Day 94, he had given away almost $1,000, handing out money in blizzards, in rainstorms, on the sunniest of days. He gave $10 to a guy playing the trumpet outside Verizon Center, the president of a brewery, someone dressed up as the Statue of Liberty, a hard-drinking PhD, a man who held up a basketball to block helicopters overhead from eavesdropping on their conversation, the curator of a small museum and a whole lot of homeless people.”

You can read the story of his year of giving on his blog:


Having seen a few changes in my life since I passed 60 I can visualize how some rock starts might age, as Tim Hawkins does in his performance of “Old Rock Star Songs”