Apologizes for the delay in posting my Bible Study as I have given in to the temptation of March madness.  🙂

I have selected the Book of Galatians and trying to decide between Book 2:17-21 and Book 6:12-16.  I am reading some commentaries on Bible.org, with one eye on the bouncing round ball.  I expect to post the study Friday.

As my University of Connecticut Huskies had an off year, at least the Men’s team did, my rooting interest will be in blog buddies Gitzengirl’s Northern Iowa Panthers, and Papa’s Michigan State Spartans.

When the Women’s tournament gets under way I get to cheer on the most dominate team in any sport, the UCONN Lady Huskies, the defending national champs, and winners of 72 games in a row, by an average of around 30 points per game.

Men’s Final Four

Kansas (sorry Gitz’s & Papa)