What was the last poem you read?

What was the last beautiful singing voice you listened to?

What was the last time you listen to music that was in a very different style then you normal listen to?

What was the last “weird” song you listen to, besides Plants vs Zombies?

1) Sylvia Plath, who took her own life at the age of 30,  reading her classic poem Lady Lazarus:

2) One of the great voices of all time,  Mario Lanza –  Granada (from the 1952 movie Because Your Mine)

3) Some a more little exotic,  Anousha Shanker – Sitar, Joshua Bell – Violin & Tanmoy Bose – Tabla, perform Mishra Pilu

4) The last is a little weird, maybe a lot weird.  How weird?  Plants vs Zombies weird: